What are the main aspects of the Lemon Way Enterprise offer?

The Lemon Way Enterprise offer includes secured and innovative payment solutions to eCommerce, marketplaces, money pots, Crowdfunding, as well as a large number of other various services-based websites/applications in the 30 European countries in which its services are passported.

The offer key aspects are:
Payment Accounts
Technology: Soap/Json API, multiple languages (PHP, Java, .net, Python, Ruby, etc.), unlimited payment accounts, extensive functionalities, multiple plugins (Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, etc.), monthly release with versioning & backward compatibility, ISO-Production sandbox environments, complete online API documentation
Complete set of payment instruments: maximizing collection rates at the European level
Transaction security: fully PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways & banks, IP filtering, adaptable amount threshold/limit settings per payment account type & payment instrument, 3DS functionality, transaction filtering (country, blacklist, amount, etc.), pre-authorization, refund & chargeback management, unusual transaction detection, fraud reduction, etc.
Know Your Customer: automated & industrial document management solutions (API) for any type of payment account (natural person, company, association, etc.), document verification (Both bot- & human-based/team of document verification experts with country expertise) for improved KYC processes & fraud reduction
Regulation & funds securitization: full compliance with European regulations, segregation accounts opened in the books of Tier-1 European banks
Reporting: payment accounts real time balances & transactions, user documents, online invoices, user-friendly graphs & exports, etc.

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