How to add a beneficiary bank account to a payment account?

The addition of new bank details to a client payment account can be fully automated through the API, but can also be done manually using your Enterprise Back-Office.

To add new bank details, open the concerned payment account, then click on Banking information > New IBAN, select New IBAN (SEPA) or New IBAN (Outside SEPA) depending on the case, fill in the proposed fields, and hit the Save button.


The No checking box is unticked by default which, once you hit the Save button, triggers automatic syntaxic controls on the bank details with an error message when applicable.

Once the bank details have been captured, make sure you upload the corresponding bank statement in the section Documents of the concerned payment account (type 2 if available, Other doc otherwise).


Bank details are inactive by default and require verification by our KYC experts:
• Matching between the account number captured in the payment account and the one mentioned in the bank statement

• Matching between the payment account holder and the bank account holder as indicated in the bank statement

Several bank details (provided that the above rules are respected) can be simultaneously active on a payment account.

You do not have the possibility to modify/add  the bank details of your merchant payment account (SC) by yourself. In case you wish to add new bank details for your SC account, please upload your bank statement in the Documents section, then contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center).

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