How to refund a transaction?

The refund process varies depending on the initial payment instrument used to perform the transaction.

You can refund card, iDeal, and Sofort transactions at your own convenience, totally or partially, either through the API or directly from your Enterprise Back-Office.

Once you have identified the concerned transaction within the beneficiary payment account (you can use the filters available), you just need to click on the yellow Refund button, enter the amount to be refunded (cannot be greater than the original transaction amount/total amount by default), then hit the Submit button.


The refund takes effect instantly and the refunded amount is deduced from the available balance of the concerned payment account
[if the available balance of the concerned client payment account is not high enough to cover the refunded amount, the system automatically issues a P2P of the complementary amount from your merchant payment account onto the client payment account].

The refunded amount is automatically added in the Refunded Amount column of the original transaction and the original transaction-related line is underlined in yellow for an easy identification.

The refund translates into the creation of an outgoing transaction (Money-Out) in the success status, which includes the original transaction ID in the Original Transaction ID column.

The refund is made on the card/bank account (in the case of an iDeal or a Sofort transaction) that was used for the initial payment, usually within the next 2 to 5 working days.

The refund process for other payment instruments (direct debits, bancontact, etc.) is not automated and requires the issuing of a bank transfer (Money-Out) from the payment account of the initial payer (if the payer does not have a payment account - eCommerce scheme for example - you’ll need to create it first/standard Lemon Way KYC rules apply) to the bank account of the initial payer.

Lemon Way can also, upon request (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center) and in the case of incoming bank transfers, proceed with a request to the bank for the return of funds to the issuer (total amount only).
This - fully - manual process is charged equ. 30.00 EUR (Reuters exchange rate of the day the commission is taken on your Enterprise environment) per request.

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