My client is telling me that he/she’s been debited but the corresponding transaction is not in the success status in my Enterprise Back-Office

In very rare cases (bug in the data exchanged between Lemon Way and the bank), a card transaction that has actually been debited from your client bank account can appear in the pending or failure status in your Enterprise Back-Office.

If you face this situation, we invite you to contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center) and provide us with the below info:
• URL of the concerned Enterprise Back-Office
• Transaction ID (or date & amount of the transaction if not available)
• Ideally - proof of debit from your client (bank statement or screenshot clearly showing the debit)
• Your instructions: modification of the status to Success or refund of the transaction

We will, after confirmation that the transaction has actually been executed, either change the transaction status to Success or refund the transaction.

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