What are the main statuses of a KYC document?

The main statuses of a KYC document are listed below: 
Received, waiting to be processed: default status for a new document that has not yet been processed by our KYC experts
Accepted: status that confirms the document acceptation by our KYC experts (in case all documents of a payment account are in this status but there are missing documents, the payment account will not be moved to the KYC2 status)
Unreadable: status used when the document cannot be properly verified because it is cropped or of bad quality
Expired: status used when the concerned document is considered expired (ex: expired ID card, proof of address older than 3 months old)
Wrong type: status used when the document is not the one expected (driving licence instead of an ID card or Passport)
Wrong beneficiary: status used when the name mentioned in the document doesn’t match with the payment account holder (ex: proof of address of Ms. Y when the payment account holder is M. X)

You can overwrite (replacing one document by another) any document, except for documents in the Received, waiting to be processed status.

You can configure automatic push notifications (API or email) each time a document and/or payment account changes status directly from your Enterprise Back-Office, menu Tools > Configuration > Notifications > Setting.

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