How to identify a fraudulent behavior?

Lemon Way provides you with a lot of transaction-related information through the API or directly from your Enterprise Back-Office.

We recommend you to define & implement alerts (manual controls from your Enterprise Back-Office or automated controls through the API) that are specific to your activity in order to identify potential fraudulent behavior.

You’ll find below a list of examples to modify/adapt/complete:
• Sudden increase in the number/amount of Money-In transactions

• Sudden decrease in card acceptance rates
• Significant/abnormal increase in your card chargeback rates
• Card chargeback rate above 0.2% per payment account
• Card refund rate above 0.5% per payment account
• Amount of payments perceptibly higher than usual average basket
• Request for Money-Out less than 48H00 after payment reception
• Multiple Money-Out requests on a very short period of time
• Increase in the number of transactions at unusual days/times
• Same card used on different payment accounts

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