How to identify a card chargeback transaction in my Lemon Way environment?

A card chargeback results in two (sometimes three - see below) transactions within your LW environment:
The chargeback transaction (Method = Card/Type = Outgoing/Status = Success) located in the client payment account on which the original transaction has been credited, with the chargeback reason code & description in the Comments field and the original transaction ID in the Original Transaction field. In case the balance of the concerned client payment account is not high enough for LW to debit the chargeback transaction, a P2P is automatically performed from your merchant payment account (SC) to the concerned client payment account of the complementary amount before the chargeback transaction is debited

The transaction corresponding to LW chargeback fees (P2P from your merchant payment account to LW payment account of the amount of fees as defined in your contract)

Card chargeback transactions can be obtained through the API or consulted/exported manually from your LW Back-Office (Operations > Overview, filters Method = Card/Type : Outgoing/Status = Success/Comments = chargeback, then select the chosen period and hit Filter).


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