What is a card transaction request for information/retrieval request?

A card request for information/retrieval request occurs when the cardholder contacts his/her bank in order to get some more information on a card transaction he/she does not recognize/cannot link with an online purchase.

Card requests for information/retrieval requests are transmitted by the cardholder bank to the acquiring bank, to Lemon Way, and then to you by email (creation of a request in Lemon Way Support Center). 

Retrieval requests include:
Transaction date
Transaction amount
First & last 4 digits of the card number
Expected feedback from the merchant/you (ex: provide specific documents)

In case you wish to reply to this request (not mandatory), you have 5 days to email back to us the requested documents/any document proving the delivery of the service etc.

Your feedback will be transmitted by Lemon Way to the acquiring bank, then from the acquiring bank to the cardholder bank, then from the cardholder bank to the cardholder, who then can decide to either close the request (no impact for you) or to contest the transaction, which will lead to a card chargeback.

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