What is a card descriptor?

A card descriptor is the text rendered on the cardholder bank statement for a card transaction.

Lemon Way default/free of charge card descriptor is LEMONWAY.COM/PI. In case your client does not manage to link the transaction to your platform, he/she will generally perform a Google search for LEMONWAY.COM/PI and will then be directed to the dedicated Internet page https://www.lemonway.com/pi/. Your client will then have access to our online secured card payment lookup and will be able to easily find out who he paid to.

Depending on your volumes of card payments, subscribing to a dedicated card descriptor (text of your choice/max 12 characters) could be a pretty solid option aiming at improving client journey, easing transaction identification, and therefore reducing card chargeback rates.

If you are interested in a dedicated card descriptor, don’t hesitate to contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center), so that one of our Fantastic Business Developers can get back to you with a pricing proposal.

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