How to dispute a card chargeback and within what period of time?

A card chargeback can be disputed up to 12 days following the chargeback debit date.

To dispute a card chargeback, you need to contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the header of the Lemon Way Support Center) and provide as much info as possible regarding the transaction/product or service delivery:
• ID of the concerned transaction

• Invoice, history of exchanges with your client, order confirmation/notification, delivery order, proof of package reception, etc.
• Mail detailing the facts (purchase of XX EUR made on this date for this product, etc.) as well as your reasons for disputing the chargeback

Once received, your documents are transmitted by Lemon Way to the acquiring bank and an official dispute procedure is opened with the cardholder bank. This procedure can lead to an agreement (cancelling or maintaining the chargeback) or a disagreement between both banks (the case is then submitted to the interbank chargeback arbitration committee for final decision). Closing a dispute procedure can take between a few weeks to several months depending on the banks/case.

In case the chargeback is eventually cancelled, the cardholder is debited again of the chargebacked transaction amount, and you get to be automatically re-credited (new card Money-In in the Success status located in the payment account on which the original transaction was received, and with the original transaction ID mentioned in the Original Transaction field of the transaction).

Please note that you do not receive any notification from Lemon Way in case the chargeback is eventually maintained.

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