What are Lemon Way main integration steps?

Integrating LW solutions is done on a self-service basis, through 8 recommended steps detailed in the GETTING STARTED > Integrating Lemon Way Solutions section of the Lemon Way Support Center:

Step 01 - Activating your test/sandbox environment
Step 02 - Choosing the payment scheme applicable to your activity
Step 03 - Validation of your KYB documents
Step 04 - Understanding payment instruments & currencies offered by Lemon Way
Step 05 - Best practices for successful client KYC
Step 06 - Integrating Lemon Way API
Step 07 - Using Lemon Way Back-Office
Step 08 - Going Live!

We strongly suggest you to take a look at each one of these topics, in order to ensure a proper integration/use of our solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center) in case of questions, we’re here to help!

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