Step 01 - How to activate my Enterprise sandbox environment?

The first step in testing and integrating Lemon Way Enterprise is the activation of your Enterprise test/sandbox (ISO-production) environment. This environment, which includes an access to both the Back-Office & the API, is free of charge for Lemon Way Enterprise partners (signed contract).

To get your sandbox credentials, request it on this page (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of Lemon Way Support Center). Please make sure you provide us with the below information:
• Name of your company (as stated in your contract)
• Your website URL

• Enterprise Environment currency
• Capture mode for cards (direct or pre-authorization/if you need a mix of both, indicate pre-authorization)
• Your public IP address to access the Back-Office
• The public IP address of the server from which you will call Lemon Way API

Enterprise Sandbox Back-Office default login and password are: 
• Login: adminmb
• Password: adminmb

Enterprise Sandbox API default login and password are: 
• Login: society
• Password: 123456

We strongly suggest you to modify your default identifier/password as soon as you receive your sandbox URLs. This can be done directly from your Back-Office Enterprise Environment, under Tools > Configuration > BackOffice User.

In case you haven’t signed yet with Lemon Way, don’t hesitate to contact us (Submit a New Request button located in the Header of the Lemon Way Support Center), and specify your projected volumes as well as estimated average transaction amounts, so that one of our Fantastic Business Developers can get back to you with a pricing proposal. 


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