Step 05 - What are the best practices for successful KYC?

KYC stands for KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. It refers to the obligation for any business to gain & maintain sufficient knowledge of/on its customers.

While it might seem restrictive at first, it should be at the heart of your business concerns and can become a key competitive advantage as it dramatically helps reduce fraud as well as reprehensible behaviors on your platform. It therefore is a guarantee for responsibility & sustainability of your business.

The creation of a payment account requires to provide us (automated through the API) with some specific information (more info here), and the increase in numbers/amounts (change to the KYC2 status) of operations onto a payment account the provision of KYC documents (ID, proof of address, etc.).

We strongly suggest you to take a close look at the dedicated KYC topic available in the Lemon Way Support Center, in order to optimize collection & processing of the KYC documents of your clients.


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