Step 06 - How to integrate Lemon Way API?

In order to ease integration of our Enterprise offer , we provide you with a reliable & up-to-date API documentation, which can be accessed from the Lemon Way Support Center Header.

Commonly used functions of our API (full list of functions available in our API documentation) are listed below:
• RegisterWallet: creation of a new payment account

• UploadFile: upload of a KYC document to a payment account
• MoneyInWebInit: card transaction initialization
• RegisterIBAN: registration of an IBAN in a payment account
• MoneyOut: issuing of an outgoing bank transfer instruction
• SendPayment: issuing of a P2P
• RefundMoneyIn: card, iDeal, or Sofort refund
 Fee Management: Lemon Way commissions are by default debited from your merchant payment account (SC). You can modify this and use the autoCommission or amountCom parameters (within the Money-In function).

If you are using a CMS (Magento/Prestashop/Wordpress), you don't have to fully integrate the API. Just use one of our plugins, available here.


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