What is a card payment form and how to create one?

In case you don’t have a website, wish to add a simple “donate” button on your website, or wish to exceptionally email a direct payment URL to one of your payers, the card payment form functionality can come in pretty handy!

The creation of a card payment form can be fully automated through the API, but can also be done manually using your Enterprise Back-Office. It allows the generation of a URL pointing to a customizable (application of a specific CSS possible) payments page with your selection of pre-filled fields (amount, first & last name of the payer, etc.), that you can transmit to the concerned payer.

From your Enterprise Back-Office, you just need to get to the global operations view (Operations > Overview), click on the Actions button located at the top right of the page, then select Create a payment form, and fill in all necessary info, such as:

• Wallet payer: external ID of the - already existing - payment account in which the card payment will have to be registered
• Amount: amount of the card payment
• Fee amount: amount of your commission on the card payment
• CSS URL: the URL of your CSS for the Lemon Way payments page that will be generated (if not filled-in, the standard Lemon Way payments page design apply)

Once you hit Submit, the URL generated is displayed at the top of the page and can be copied and transmitted (email, etc.) to the payer. Once performed, the payment generates a standard card transaction in your Enterprise environment.


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