How to set up the split payment for the Prestashop 1.7 module?

1. In order to customize your split payment , click on “Split Payment profile” (1) in the “Lemon Way” section and click on “Add Split payment profile” (2).

2. In the “Name” section, indicate the frequency of payment. Then, in “Period unit”, choose to be paid by “Day”, “Week”, “Two Weeks”, “Month”, “Year”. For the “Period frequency”, indicate the number of billing periods that will make up one billing cycle. Finally, in the “Period Max Cycles” section, indicate the number of billing cycles for payment period.

Example: If I want to split payment in 5 instalments and be paid every 3 days, I indicate in “Name” section => Payment in 5 instalments, “Period Unit” => Day, “Period Frequency” => 3, “Period Max Cycles” => 5.

Then, click on “Save”  at the bottom right of your screen.

3. In the “Modules & services” section, go to “Installed modules”, search for “Lemon Way” and click on “Configure”.

4. Click on “Credit Card (Split Payment)” section (1). In “Method Configuration”, click on “Yes” in order to activate the display of this method form on payment step (2). Check the box of the customized payment (3). Finally, click on “Save” at the bottom right in order to save your modifications.

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