How do I install the payment module on WooCommerce?

1. Download our Lemon Way for E-commerce module for WooCommerce by clinking the following link => “Click here to download the WooCommerce module”  
2. Log in to your WooCommerce interface.
3. In the “Extensions -> Add” section, click on “Put an extension online”

4. Click on “Choose a file” (1) then select the WooCommerce Lemon Way for E-commerce module that you downloaded (cf 1.). Then, click on “Install” (2) to add it.

5. Click “Activate Plugin” in the new window.

6. In the “Installed Extensions” section, click on “Settings” in the Lemon Way extension.

7. Configure the Lemon Way for E-commerce payment by entering the following information: Your Lemon Way for E-commerce Login + Your Lemon Way for E-commerce Password + Your Lemon Way for E-commerce Account Name you received by email with the title “Installation Guide”. To finish the setup, click on “Save Changes” on the bottom right of the window.

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