How can I receive payments using Lemon Way for E-commerce?

We must verify your account before any funds can be received onto it.
Once your account has been verified, there are two ways for you to receive payments:

Lemon Way for E-commerce payment modules install directly onto your website. Our modules are compatible with the following CMS: Prestashop 1.7WooCommerceMagento. These allow you to receive payments by credit card from anywhere in the world from your website. All transactions will be visible and can be managed through your Lemon Way for E-commerce management interface.

For example: I sell shoes online. I put my products up for sale on my website, my customers can therefore order and pay by credit card directly on my online store. 

The Lemon Way for E-commerce solution gives you the chance to create a payment link which can be sent to anyone by email. This option allows you to use our Lemon Way for E-commerce solution without connecting it to a website.

For example: A football club acting as an association creates a payment link so that their members can pay for their yearly membership. The link is sent by email to all their players.

These two payment methods can easily be combined.

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