How to create a Virtual Pos Payment Page?

Our virtual electronic payment terminal allows you to accept online payments with credit or debit cards without having to insert a card into a physical device. Simply create and share the Lemon Way link with your customers. They can then pay you from any device, smartphone, tablet or computer, with any operating systems and any browsers. Advantages? No fixed cost or monthly cost.

To create a Virtual Pos, just follow the steps below:
1. Create an account with Lemon Way, sign in from the link, fill in your email address and choose a password
2. Create a virtual POS payment page
> Click on “Payment Link” (sidebar)
> Click “Add” to create a virtual POS payment page
3. Set up your payment page, as detailed below

Fill in all fields or click on "Any Amount", if you want to keep using the same payment page.

4. Activate your virtual POS payment page: copy and paste the link into the browser if the client is with you so that he/she can pay directly, or send the URL by email or text message to him/her
5. Your customer can pay through the dedicated payment page

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