What happens in the event of the account holder's death?

In the event of the death of a payment account holder, we must obtain a written request from the account holder's heirs to transfer the funds to them. This may be an email or a ticket from you. A death certificate and a deed of notoriety must be sent to Lemonway.

  • If there is only one heir, the provided RIB must be in the heir's name so that the Money-Out can be made to his or her bank account.
  • If there is more than one heir, we will request a copy of the RIB from the appointed notary.

In the event of a request from an heir or beneficiary to use the account, we must categorically refuse. The latter will have to create a new payment account, as a new business relationship will be created in this case.

In the event of a pending return on investment, the heir will have to wait until the end of the return on investment campaign to recover the funds due to him.

The account will be closed at the end of the repayment campaign. To do so, we need to know when the repayment campaign will end.

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