How do I pay my merchants?

Outgoing bank transfer (Money-Out) instructions can be fully automated through the API here, but can also be captured manually using your Lemon Way Collect Interface.

In order to pay your merchants, you must make an outgoing transfer to your merchant's bank account.

From your Lemon Way Collect interface:
• Select your merchant's payment account
• Click on "IBAN List"
• Choose the IBAN with the Bank Transfer button
• Choose the account to be credited
• Enter the amount of your choice (can not be greater than the available balance)
• Leave a comment and validate

(In the External Transfer table, enter the amount of the transfer (XX.XX format), select the bank account, enter a comment (optional / about 35 characters max / default is not conveyed to the beneficiary), enter your Lemon Way Collect password, then hit OK).
Reminder: Please note that bank transfers are made by Lemon Way once a week.

Do not hesitate to consult our guide: How to add an IBAN to a Merchant Payment Account?

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