What is a customer/merchant payment account?

Payment accounts are defined as accounts opened in the books of a payment institution regulated by an approved regulatory authority (ACPR - Banque de France for payment institutions registered in France such as Lemon Way for example).

The validation of the merchant Terms and Conditions of Use (including the Lemon Way Terms and Conditions of Use) gives the possibility to open a payment account in Lemon Way's books in the name of the user (the owner of the account). This will allow the merchant to receive payments and dispatch to their Bank Account.

Partner Payment account
Unique partner's payment account - payment account where the partner will collect their commissions.

Customer/Merchant Payment accounts
These are the payment accounts of your merchants/customers of your platform.

Customers/merchants payment accounts can be created via the API here  or manually from your Lemon Way Collect interface by selecting the link How can I create a payment account?

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