All you need to know about Occasional Customer

What is an occasional customer?

An occasional customer is considered as a "one-time customer" who does not require the implementation of specific control measures, due to the periodic nature of the transactions they carry out on your platform. Thus, according to Article R561-10 of the Monetary and Financial Code (in French) and the guidelines of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (in French), it is not necessary for Lemonway to apply specific due diligence measures for this type of customer.

What are the thresholds for the application of this regime?

The status "occasional customer" replaces the status "KYC1" for the payee accounts of crowdfunding donation platforms & gift platforms: 

  • single transaction for an amount less than or equal to €500
  • a maximum of 3 transactions over the last 12 months for a cumulative amount less than or equal to €1000

IMPORTANT: The status of occasional customer is not applicable in case of detection of a AML risk (e.g. resident of a high-risk country). In this case, we will continue to apply the increased due diligence measures, and the strengthened KYC procedures will remain unchanged.

And technically what does it mean?

When a "payer account" holder reaches one of the above thresholds, an API notification is sent to you so that the customer can provide the necessary documents for KYC2 verifications related to their payment account.
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