What happens if a client does not recognize a card transaction?

A card retrieval request is placed when the cardholder contacts their bank to obtain information about a transaction that they do not recognize or associate with a purchase.

This request is sent from the cardholder's bank to the acquiring bank, then from the acquiring bank to Lemonway, and is forwarded to you by email.

A request typically includes:

  • Transaction date
  • Transaction amount
  • First & last 4 digits of the card used for payment
  • Action expected from you (e.g. provision of a specific document)

If you wish to respond to this request (you don’t have to legally), you have 5 working days to answer our email and send us the requested documents or supporting evidence that proves the legitimacy of the transaction or service provision.

This information is then forwarded to the acquirer's bank, which forwards it to the cardholder's bank, which forwards it to the cardholder, who can then decide to close the request or dispute the transaction, which will if time limits allow, resulting in a card chargeback.

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