Rolling reserve

The rolling reserve is a guarantee deposit aiming at protecting both you and Lemonway from potential payment cancellations, card chargebacks, SDD returns, unpaid checks left at the contract termination date or arriving after. We keep this reserve for 6 months after the termination of the contract. 

It is a way to ensure that there are enough funds on your environment to cover up potential cancellations. The rolling reserve is in general expressed as a percentage over a number of months. This guarantee is rolling, i.e. that it evolves in real-time in your environment.

The rolling reserve is calculated on the total volume of Money-In on all payment accounts (SC included) and all payment methods (bank transfers, card transactions, checks, SEPA Direct Debits, Sofort, Ideal, etc.).

💡 The rolling reserve is defined in your contract and depends on Lemonway’s risk analysis of your business model and activity.

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