Blocked wallets

There are two main reasons a payment account may be blocked:

  1. The payment account is being reviewed by our Financial Security Department in charge of securing your payment transactions and complying with Lemonway's Regulatory obligations as a Payment Institution with regards to AML-TF. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, the freeze may be temporary. You will be contacted to obtain additional information or to close the review.
  2. Your customer has been matched against the International and European Financial sanctions lists regarding asset freezing, resulting in their payment account being blocked.

This measure is carried out in accordance with:

  • The Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing regulatory requirements that apply to Lemonway
  • The Lemonway Terms and Conditions

The Financial Security Department is responsible for handling this matter promptly in accordance with our procedures.

After review:

  • If your client is indeed not on the sanctions list, the account will be released so that transactions can continue.
  • If your customer does, in fact, match the person on the sanctions list, the account will remain blocked and we will be forced to terminate the business relationship. As part of this review, we may request additional documentation or information from you in order to resolve the matter.

We will then get back to you after we have completed the review and inform you of the outcome.

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