What are the transaction statuses?

You can find those Transaction Statuses in your Dashboard: Dashboard > Transactions > All

Transactions can have multiple statuses:

  • ✅ Completed: the transaction was successful and the transaction amount is credited to the target payment account, increasing the account balance.
    • Code 0 - Completed
    • Code 3 - Completed P2P

  • 💬 Pending: the transaction has not been credited to the target payment account, but that could still potentially change to a Completed or Error status.
    • Code 4 - Pending
    • Code 5 - P2P pending

  • ⚠️ Cancelled: the transaction has not been credited to the target payment account. The reasons are multiple. Either the client did not finalize the transaction (browser closing, non-registration of the 3DS code, etc.), or the PSP indicates a timeout cancellation of the transaction.
    • Code 7 - Canceled
    • Code 12 - P2P canceled

  • 🚫 Error: the transaction is incomplete and failed to be credited to the target payment account. This status indicates that the transfer has been canceled by Lemonway (e.g., incorrect beneficiary information provided by the bank) or on your instructions (chargeable/conditional service).
    • Code 3 - Error LW, transaction refused
    • Code 4 - Error - P2P, P2P denied
    • Code 6 - Error PSP

  • ☑️ Validation Pending: only used for card pre-approvals. It may change to a Success status if the pre-authorized card transaction is completed, or remain in a Validation Pending status if the card transaction is not completed within the period of pre-authorization.
    • Code 16 - Validation pending

  • 🕐 Scheduled: the transaction has been planned. This status is mainly used for SDD mandates and subscriptions.
    • Code 14 - Processing - P2P
    • Code 14 - Transaction scheduled

You can find the full list of error messages and descriptions that may occur when you communicate with Lemonway here.

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