Creating a new Lemonway user


Tools and administration accesses give users permission to make significant changes within your dashboard. Accesses should only be given to trusted users who need extensive access to your organization.


  1. From the Dashboard, click Configuration. A menu unfolds.
  2. Select Users, and the section Invitation.
  3. Click Send an Invitation. A pop up appears.
  4. Fill in the form: enter the email address you want to invite and assign roles to this user.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Your new user appears in the Invitations list.
  7. An email is sent to notify the user you invited. From that email, the user can click Create my account and follow the steps.

You need to ensure that the user’s IP address is whitelisted to access the dashboard.



Invitation’s link expires after 7 days.
You can send an invitation, modify a role or delete an invitation only to users assigned with the same roles as you, or with less permissions.

From the Invitation section:

  1. Click the arrow to resend the invitation email.
  2. Click the pencil✏️ to modify the role assigned to the user. Please note you can’t give the permissions you don't have. For example, if you don't have the permission to create new users, you can’t give it to another role.
  3. Click the bin 🗑 to cancel your invitation.

    Once the user’s account is created, a line appears in the Users section. 
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