Filtering data in tables

Data in tables such as Accounts, Transactions, and My account (SC) can be filtered to suit your needs.

Filter content from a column

The column header with the magnifying glass icon allows you to set the filter criteria and then to choose the values.

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon.🔍
  2. Choose the filter criteria.
  3. Enter your value.

The column header with the (All) mention allows you to choose a value from a drop-down list.

  1. Click (All) on the column you wish to filter. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Choose your value.

Create your own filter

You can also create your own filters to refine your searches according to the criteria of your choice. 

  1. Click Create Filter at the very bottom of the page, on the left-hand side.
  2. Create your filter by adding conditions and groups.
  3. Click OK.

💡 Grouping allows you to create a custom view. Each condition represents the creation of a new filter.

Clear all filters

  1. Click Clear at the bottom of the table.
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