Exporting data from Lemonway

Data in tables such as Accounts, Transactions, and My account (SC) can be filtered and exported to suit your needs.

⚠️ The PDF exports are limited to 10,000 items. The export limit for XLS and CSV format is 30,000 lines.

Export data from a table

  1. From the Dashboard, click Accounts, Transactions or My account (SC) depending on your needs.

    • If you have selected My account > Transactions or Transactions > In / Out, click the icon with three dots. A menu will appear. Select the exportation option. A drop-down menu appears.
    • If you have selected My account > Bank accounts or Accounts > Account list, select the export icon in the top right corner of the table. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Choose your export format from the available options: XLSX, CSV and PDF.

💡If no filters are applied all the data will be exported. If you do have filters applied then only the filtered data will be exported. 

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