What are the reasons for a KYC document’s rejection? How do you reduce the risk of rejection?

How to reduce the risk of a document rejection?

When requesting that your clients and users perform an identity check, it is advisable to provide clear instructions on how to do so. It is recommended to display these instructions prominently to minimize confusion.

How do you provide us with a good picture that will be validated automatically?

  • Black and white photos are NOT acceptable for KYC verification — only colour photos.
  • No photocopies are allowed. Photocopies of IDs are not a valid verification method.
  • Show all details, including the bottom 2 lines. Make sure your ID is entirely visible and that no parts are covered or cut off in the photo.
  • Move away from direct light to avoid any glare when taking the photo. Ensure there is no flash reflection on your document.
  • All details must be clear - nothing blurry.
  • The photo should clearly show your document.

What are the main reasons for rejection?

  1. Blurred photos: The quality of uploaded documents may be blurred. Please ensure that your full name, date of birth, and validity date are legible, and all corners of the document are visible. If the document is blurry, we will not be able to extract data or verify its authenticity.
  2. Incorrect side: N/A. If an incorrect document side has been uploaded and we have not yet received the correct side, verification cannot be completed. Consistency is key, so please ensure both sides of the document are uploaded correctly. However, if a front and back document are swapped, we can still verify it instantly.
  3. Glare on a photo: We cannot verify the document if there may be glare on the photo, obstructing data points.
  4. Cut-off document: Additionally, a cut-off document may lack mandatory information such as the MRZ of the ID number. It is considered altered or tampered with in some way, making it difficult or impossible to verify.
  5. Two documents uploaded in the same spot: If two different documents have been uploaded in a single file, they get rejected.

How to find the reasons for a KYC document's rejection?

Our KYC experts always explain why a KYC document was rejected in the notes of the relevant document.

The reason will not be shared with your customers and is accessible from your dashboard in the relevant document.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Accounts.
  2. Click the ID of the relevant account.
  3. Click the Documents tab.

👀 Look for the relevant document and open it. The mention Rejected appears with more information on the reason justifying the document rejection.


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