What is Automatic KYC?

KYC is an absolute requirement when opening an account, and the onboarding process is a crucial stage for confirming customer identity and performing due diligence. Automatic KYC enables you to get your payment account verified in just a few seconds. For your ID documents to be processed automatically, they must weigh less than 6MB.


Automatic KYC only concerns the verification of accounts for natural people. Corporate accounts still go through Lemonway’s standard KYC review procedure, which can take anywhere from 2 to 48 working hours depending on the option chosen. 👉 Learn more here


Here’s how it works:



💡 To get more information about automatic KYC, contact your 👉 account manager or create a ticket.

To carry out this automated and reliable way to perform identity checks efficiently, we call on our partner Onfido, an expert in identity control and document security. When a payment account is created, Onfido automatically reviews the various identity documents. Once these documents have been validated, the account will also be automatically validated and ready to receive the first payments. This process lasts less than one minute.

Automatic KYC adds a new dimension to the internal processes and user experience of your marketplace or crowdfunding platform:

  • Smoother user experience
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Streamlined internal processes for communicating with users
❗ To ensure a fast and automatic KYC, please make sure your ID is correct, clear, and in the right spot.
ℹ We are currently working with Onfido to provide shortly an even more complete KYC check. It will include identity electronic proofing to align with EU regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the eIDAS Regulation. We want to provide enhanced security while ensuring a seamless user experience.
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