What is Lemonway's Fraud Management Policy?

💡 Faced with the constant and ever-increasing sophistication of fraud techniques, Lemonway aims to ensure the highest standards in terms of fraud prevention and detection.

The anti-fraud system is based on several fundamental lines of defense:

  • Regularly raising the awareness of members of staff to the risks and challenges of combating fraud,
  • Reactivity by implementing real-time responses (in particular by 🚫 blocking fraudulent transactions), in order to prevent the effects of fraud, limit its spread and its impact on the business,
  • Proactive detection of new threats, in order to allow constant adaptation of the system,
  • Cross-functionality to ensure coverage of all channels, products, and services offered by Lemonway as well as its direct environment,
  • Efficient tools to facilitate the detection and treatment of fraud,
  • Interactions with the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system in order to create synergies between these two closely linked subjects.
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