Thresholds for KYC2

As a regulated payment institution, Lemonway must implement measures to limit the risks of:

  • Fraud related to payments
  • Anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism ("AML-CFT")

Our Financial Security and Payments teams, backed by their experience in the various sectors that we cover (Product & Service Marketplaces and Financial Marketplaces), have defined payment thresholds in order to investigate any abnormal transaction taking place on the platforms of our partners.

Lemonway reserves the right to apply higher or lower thresholds if necessary, upon a partner's duly justified request or in the event, in particular, of a major fraud on a partner's platform.

The thresholds, applied by default to all our partners, depend on the type of activity (gift/nest egg, crowdfunding, marketplace, invoice trading, etc.) and the contractual provisions established by both parties in view of the implementation process. 


You can view your thresholds in the dashboard:

  1. From the Dashboard, click My account (SC).

  2. Click Thresholds.

👀 Look for the Registered, KYC2 line.

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