What is Pay by Bank solution?

With Lemonway's Pay by Bank solution, buyers can initiate transactions by selecting their bank and logging into their online banking system. This method offers a convenient and secure way to make payments without the need for credit cards.

By using our Pay by Bank feature, buyers can authorize transactions directly with their banks, ensuring a high level of security. This method eliminates:

  • Need to manually enter payment details
  • Reduces the risk of errors
  • Provides real-time payment confirmation
  • Allows sellers to process orders immediately

To use Pay by Bank, buyers need to have an online banking account with a supported bank. The supported banks may vary depending on the country and the specific integration provided by Lemonway. 

Check the list of supported banks on the Lemonway website or contact Lemonway Support for more information.

Pay by Bank offers benefits for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it provides a seamless payment experience without the need for additional accounts or payment methods. Sellers can benefit from increased conversion rates and a streamlined payment process, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


The different statuses are:

  • Success: The transfer went through and funds are credited to the merchant's wallet.
  • Error: The operation encountered a problem and the payment was refused. The error return is specified in the transaction comment. If you need a more precise explanation, please submit a ticket.
  • Pending: It is not possible to obtain the final status of the payment at this time.
  • Authorized: The payment was successfully approved. We are waiting for the funds to credit the account.
  • Canceled: The payment was canceled by the user or by Lemonway when a transaction has not changed status up to 14 days after initialization.

Transactions that remain in Status Pending or Authorized for up to 14 days will be automatically canceled by Lemonway. The transaction status will change to Canceled.

❗️ Minimum Transaction Amount: Payments using Pay by Bank are limited to transactions above €1. If you try to make a payment below €1 you will receive the direct error message 365 (Amount is less than Authorized Value).
❗️ Maximum Transaction Amount: The EU permits a maximum of €15,000 per transaction in the Euro Payments area.
Read our comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you get started with our Pay by Bank solution. 👉 For more information, consult our documentation here!
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