Chargebacks and disputes

When a client decides to contest a payment made with their bank card, this is known as a chargeback.

When a customer disputes a transaction and requests a chargeback, they contact their bank or credit card issuer and provide reasons for the dispute: unauthorized transactions, non-receipt of goods or services, or billing errors... The issuing bank then investigates the dispute and, if they find it valid, initiates the chargeback process. The chargeback results in the bank card being refunded and the funds that you received for the payment being returned to the customer. The issuing bank contacts us to enable that process.

👉 Note: It is your client that generates a chargeback and not Lemonway.

Note: Significant or abnormal increases in your card chargeback rate, may be a fraud. You can find more information here or you can contact us.

If you believe that a chargeback is not legitimate, you have the right to contest it for up to 8 calendar days following the date of the chargeback. 

To contest a card chargeback, contact us as soon as possible, providing us with as much information as you can verify the transaction, and delivery of the product or service:

  • The ID of the relevant transaction
  • Invoice, interaction history, order confirmation/notification, delivery note, proof of receipt of the package
  • An explanatory letter summarising the facts (so the purchase worth XX EUR that was made on a particular date) and detailing the reasons for the dispute.
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